I love content marketing. Maybe it’s because of my background in copywriting and art. Maybe it’s the fact that I love a good story.

But it’s more than that: I love it because it works. Good content marketing is like reading a favorite book, or seeing a movie you’ve been dying to see, or listening to the wisdom of a beloved mentor. To your target audience, good content marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It feels like a much-needed break, or maybe an “aha!” moment, or something entertaining to share with friends.

"Good content marketing doesn't feel like marketing."

Without further ado, here are my seven reasons why I think content marketing may be the only marketing you need.

1.) It’s easy to find inspiration for content marketing.

Look at your customers’ most common objections. See what they’re writing about your product (or competitors’ products) in online forums. Use a tool like BuzzSumo or SEMrush. Use Google Alerts. Talk to your sales team. Inspiration for your marketing is never far away.

2.) You can use it forever.

While some blog posts will be time-sensitive, others are bound to be evergreen — meaning you can re-circulate them ad infinitum on new channels at different times without ever having to spend a penny more. That’s a pretty sweet ROI.

3.) It builds on itself.

The B2B blog post you write today may be the top-ranking page for that search term two months from now. The eBook you publish today may be the foundation for an entire library of helpful (and lead-generating) tools in one year. A tiny little website that’s pulling in one or two leads a month now may turn into a steady stream of conversions.

4.) It makes your sales team happy.

Your sales team wants — needs — handouts and helpful materials to supplement their calls and meetings. Good content marketing makes their job worlds easier, which boosts your bottom line.

5.) It’s validation.

One of the old writing adages, “show, don’t tell,” applies to business, too. If you tell someone on your site that you’re a premier sales consulting firm, that doesn’t mean much. But if you have a resource library on your site that’s populated with hundreds of awesome free training videos, it becomes obvious to prospects that you’re an expert.

6.) It doesn’t depend on a third-party.

Content marketing doesn’t “live” on LinkedIn, or WordPress, or Mailchimp, or anywhere in particular. Whatever content you create is yours to use however you want. What may flop in one marketing campaign may soar in another one. Other types of marketing, like Facebook ad campaigns, are bound to change and may evaporate entirely years from now.

7.) It’s tried-and-true.

Content marketing has been around as long as marketing has been around. It has certainly taken a different form in our digital age, and new and exciting ways to create and distribute content have popped up (and will continue to pop up. I’m still waiting for Smell-O-Vision to go mainstream). But whatever new channels and media types come our way, there’s no doubt that businesses and consumers will continue to read, watch, and listen to content that’s interesting or informative to them.

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