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Content plays a role in every step of your sales and marketing process — whether you realize it or not. When a potential customer first becomes aware of your business, they often start by consuming content on your website and social channels.

From there, they might read blog posts or articles on third-party sites about your product or solution. They may subscribe to your email list or newsletter, or they may download resources directly from your site.

Once they’ve expressed interest and set up a call, your sales team may share content with them, too: pricing sheets, brochures, product descriptions, and promotional materials.

Content even plays a role post-purchase, keeping your customers informed of new solutions and ensuring their loyalty for (hopefully) years to come.

If you’re new to content marketing (or new to approaching it in a planned, methodical way), it can be tough to know what kinds of content to focus on. Tons of businesses mistakenly look to their competitors as a guide, but it’s nearly impossible on the outside to tell which of your competitors’ content tactics are actually driving sales.

So we’ve created this quiz to get you started thinking about where you might have gaps in your sales process. Take it for a spin below!